2022 World Championship Jackson Hole Snowmobile Hill Climb

Created on: 2022-04-12

As sponsors (and fans), the wild weekend was more than memorable and filled with all the speed, spills, and thrills you’d expect.

The unmistakable sounds of snowmobiles could be heard all over town. Brap brap brrraaaapppp! Like a soundtrack to break the weather, which was surprisingly warm, yet wonderfully welcoming to all the people in attendance at Snow King for the return of the World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb. The south side of Jackson was a-buzz with activity – quite literally. 

Serious Slednecks

The Annual World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb is an annual event in Jackson Hole that draws nearly 10,000 spectators. It involves snowmobilers racing up a steep, narrow course to the summit of Snow King, which rises 1,500 near-vertical feet above the town of Jackson.  Concession stands crowd the base of the mountain and world-class snowmobile companies turn out to showcase the latest snowmobile gear. This year was extra exciting because riders went up a different run (Wolverine), and visitors got to use Snow King’s brand new gondola to ascend the mountain to watch the event. 

Four Days of Fun, Back to Form

What began with about 20 members of the Jackson Hole Snow Devils and a much smaller version of the hill climb event in 1975, has since grown into a World Championship with more than 300 snowmobile racers climbing the hill. As opposed to last year’s attendance-restricted event, this year’s 45th annual Hill Climb resembled the pre-pandemic Hill Climbs. Snow King Avenue was closed to any regular traffic between King Street on the east to Millward Street on the west edge of the fairgrounds, with racers staging at the Teton County Fairgrounds and then towing their snow machines to the base of the hill. Spectators and vendors can be found at the base of the mountain with their eyes to the sky as they cheer on their favorite competitors.

Going, Going, Gondola!

Everywhere you looked folks were having fun – locals and visitors alike! As an added bonus, now you can watch the excitement from Snow King’s new Gondola Cabins as they soar over the snowmobiles racing to the top. It was so exciting to ride up the gondola and experience it up close and personal. Adjacent to all the chaos, smiling families were skiing down Snow King and having a great time. 

Raucous Results

Big shoutout to the racers and hill help for all the hard work out there; this is a gnarly sport. To break the King of King’s record, Keith Curtis, of Dillon, Montana, had to give everything he had, to become the most decorated Hill Climb racer in the history of the sport. Witnessing history from the summit, the cheers could also be heard all over town. 

Master of Ceremony

Just a snowmobile ride from the madness, The Lodge at Jackson Hole played host to the Awards Ceremony, which began approximately 90 minutes after finals and King Runs were completed at Snow King. Our Conference Center was packed with riders, their friends and families, as the auctioneer-like host handed out beautiful carved wood plaques and paychecks, while everyone dined, drank and had a wonderful evening capping off the contest. 

Rockin’ the Rocky Mountains

The Lodge at Jackson Hole was honored to be one of many fine sponsors of this year’s record-breaking Hill Climb, and we can’t wait to do it again next year. So, if you want the thrills and chills of a long, wild, snowmobile-filled weekend, mark your calendars, because this event is one of those that truly gets better every year. Explore some of the photos below, and we will see you in 2023.