Bear Sculpture at The Lodge at Jackson Hole

Bear With Us

Created on: 2020-07-15

Can’t Miss Carved Animal Art All Around the Hotel Grounds

If you’ve ever stayed or even just been to The Lodge at Jackson Hole chances are you’ve noticed our carved creatures who dot the landscape and sometimes literally hang around the property. From photo ops to scavenger hunts, each kid and kid-at-heart has a favorite, but I bet you didn’t know the fantastic story behind our furrowed friends.

The Artist

Jonathan Andrew LaBenne, known as Jonathan The Bear Man, is a Wyoming-based wood carving artist whose work reflects wildlife and the great outdoors. He has been at it for years, securing a name for himself in the Wyoming arts community and beyond, even having done commissioned work for celebrities and sports stars, such as NASCAR legend, Richard Petty.

Jonathan consistently oversees the maintenance and protection of each of his pieces around the hotel property. Sometimes, one of our staff members will report that a sculpture is missing or has moved, but that is just The Bear Man taking said piece to clean it and then returning it without telling anyone.

Jonathan’s talents have taken him all over the country, and those talents have even been passed down to his family. The stunning elk painting behind the front desk was done by his son, whose work can also be seen at the West Lives On Gallery on the Town Square. Art, environment, and heritage are always connected, therefore when you discover the carved cubs you are subconsciously (and pleasantly) linked to the memories made here at the hotel.

Bears, Raccoons, Oh My!

Offering fascinating artwork right outside your room, Jonathan’s art enhances its environment and inspires lasting cultural and educational benefits. The beautiful sculptures complement the design, surroundings, and architectural style of The Lodge at Jackson Hole, while successfully displaying the true character of the bear as graceful and powerful. So, next time you’re here, snap a photo and say hi, because you can bear-ly contain yourself.