Enjoy a Genuine Jackson Hole Staycation

Created on: 2021-08-26

Sometimes, you just want to take a break from it all without going too far.

The beauty of staycations is that you can treat yourself to a relaxing, rejuvenating respite just a few minutes from home. Now’s the chance to take those well-earned vacation days, disconnect your devices, drop the kids at their grandparents’, and get a change of pace in a familiar place. Jackson Hole is just the place to indulge in a little local leisure. If you live in or around the Jackson Hole area, book a room at The Lodge at Jackson Hole for a wonderful weekend staycation.

Planning is Half the Fun

Just because you’re not leaving town doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make your staycation a special event. The anticipation and build-up of any trip is half the fun, so the first step to a staycation that feels really exciting is just getting it on your calendar. Rather than just waiting for a free weekend to come up, mark out some time for a staycation in your calendar. Then start planning so you have something to look forward to. Add it to your calendar, maybe invite some friends and start planning for it like a regular vacay.

Act Like a Tourist

When you live in a tourist destination such as Jackson Hole, you tend to take for granted the opportunities offered by such a spectacular place. Between work and life, sometimes it is tough to take a break and hit the tourist spots. Well, this is your chance as a local to shed the shame and indulge in all the activities Jackson Hole has to offer. With countless adventures and 2 national parks at your doorstep, you deserve to indulge in a good time.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Travel is more than moving from place to place. It’s about doing different activities outside your normal comfort zone. Go on a different adventure, such as skeet shooting; dine at that restaurant you always wanted to try; go shopping at a store you’ve passed a million times, but have never gone in. And treat yourself to maybe a spa treatment, a kid-free cocktail hour, or a dip in our jacuzzi under the stars. Families looking to spend quality time together won’t run out of things to do with Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park just down the road. Maybe even make it a point to explore a part of the park(s) you have never seen before. No matter what time of year you choose to do your staycation, there is always an abundance of new things to do in Jackson Hole.

Or Do Nothing!

Don’t make plans and just see where the day takes you. This is your chance to kick off your shoes, put on a robe, jump into bed, turn on the TV, order room service and do absolutely nothing. Some might say this is a waste of precious vacation time, but spending at least one staycation day doing absolutely nothing is peak relaxation. Also, our expansive breakfast buffet is served daily and included with your stay, so not having to cook is definitely a perk of a staycation.

Make a Staycation Your Best Vacation

Staycations are kind of the name of the game right now, so if you’re not ready to hop on a plane just yet—or you just want to save some money—a staycation in Jackson Hole can be an incredible way to get “away” for the weekend and recharge. A Jackson Hole staycation can be your best vacation ever.