Enjoy An Awe-Inspiring Autumn in Jackson Hole

Created on: 2021-09-07

From Fantastic Foliage to the Fall Arts Festival

The ultimate beauty of Autumn in Jackson Hole, Wyoming is almost indescribable. The Plains Cottonwood trees sway in the breeze with eye-catching colors of yellow, red and orange, bringing the topography to life, while the elk bugle, and the streets and sidewalks become less busy. Fall is indeed a magical time to visit our town.

Soak in the Scenery

If you’re looking to beat the crowds and score amazing deals on lodging and activities, there’s no better time to visit Jackson Hole than during the Autumn shoulder season. Plus, there’s tons to do. At the heart of which is the unmatched beauty of the Fall foliage, so get your camera ready for fun-filled, scenic fall activities under a canopy of colorful leaves. You can kayak, spot wildlife, or hike along the beautiful shores reflecting the spectacular autumnal hues right off of the water. Keep an eye out for the mighty moose or curious elk.

The Hunt is On!

Any outdoor sport is better in the Autumn air, but September is when elk archery and deer season start in Wyoming, and hunters come from all over the country to try to stalk down the famous Wapiti of Jackson Hole. If hunting is your hobby, then this is the perfect time to come to Jackson.

Get Creative & Inspired at the Fall Arts Fest

The one event at the heart of the season is The Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival, recognized as the premier cultural event in the Rocky West for wildlife, landscape, and Western art. Held each September and featuring nationally and internationally acclaimed artists, music, food and wine, the festival welcomes artists, craftspeople, and thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Each year, the Festival – presented by the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce – features a commemorative collectible poster. The Fall Arts Festival Committee’s careful selection of Gary Lynn Roberts as the 2021 featured artist honors 53 years of dedication to Western Art and an even deeper legacy passed onto Roberts by his father.

After a year of postponed, canceled, and restricted events, the 2021 Fall Arts Festival in September not only holds hope of returning events but also boasts potential for new and enhanced events. “It feels great to be planning a Fall Arts Festival with big events attracting big crowds again,” says Britney Magleby, Director of Events. “And it feels right that Roberts is the artist to bring us back to a ‘traditional’ festival.” This year’s festival will be a true celebration with a deep sense of community as we return to “normal.”

Fall for Fall

As you look directly at the majestic Tetons on a cool seasonal morning, remember Fall is a very special time to visit Jackson Hole, Wyoming. From the cooler temps to stunning sunsets, the shoulder season allows you to eat at hard-to-reserve restaurants, as well as adventure anywhere without waiting in a crazy line. A Fall getaway to Jackson Hole is just what we need to satisfy our travel hunger.