Gold Gavel of Judge Judy

All Rise!

Created on: 2020-08-20

Judge Judy Honored The Lodge at Jackson Hole with Decor

Walking around The Lodge at Jackson Hole you are instantly transported to a stylistic western escape. Complete with chandeliers constructed of elk horns, taxidermic deer mounted on the walls, bronze cowboy statues and wood paneling, it is easy to get lost in the lure of the look, which helps visitors really immerse themselves in the indoor decor that plays off of the stunning outdoor surroundings. What you may not know is that certain decorative pieces were donated to us by none other than famed TV judge, the Honorable Judge Judy.


Because of the charm and elegance, it is often surprising to guests when they find out which items were donated by the famed TV Judge (who is, in fact, a real judge). The large conference table is a fine specimen, but the mounted buck in the lobby definitely takes the cake. When you’re here, take a look around, ask our staff questions if you’re curious, and have fun discovering hidden treasures.

Her Honor

Judge Judy is the most-watched daytime program on television, averaging about 9 million viewers daily. And as the tale goes, Judge Judy loves the area, has a vacation retreat nearby, and The Lodge simply appealed to her. Per the law of the land, the code in the west is to give and say thanks. Despite her hard-nosed approach on the television program, Judge Judy is known to be a very generous and down-to-earth person, so if she is reading this, we would like to continue to say thank you for making The Lodge at Jackson Hole special in every little detail.