On the Hunt

Created on: 2021-09-27

Near Beautiful Jackson Hole

If your hobby is hunting, it’s time to bust out your your all-weather gear, and sense of adventure, because hunting season is upon us, and this go round is going to be one for the record books. From bugling bucks to does at dawn, Jackson Hole has exactly what you’re hunting for and then some.

The Wild Life

The wilderness region surrounding Jackson Hole, Wyoming, including Bridger Teton National Forest and Caribou/Targhee National Forest, offer some of the best big game hunting anywhere. Being in the heart of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem attracts an abundance and variety of wildlife. It is one of the only regions in the country where big game animals such as elk, moose, mule deer, whitetail deer, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, antelope, black bear and grizzly bear can all be found in the same area.

The Terrain

The great part about Wyoming is that there is so much terrain to explore. Across plains and prairies, to the tops of mountain peaks, you can spend every day of a Jackson Hole hunt in a new area and never cover the same ground twice. Views stretch for miles, silhouetted by mountain vistas. You will smell nothing but the cool fresh air, while discovering streams and creeks. Each trail and tree is a surprise waiting to happen.

The Lodging & The Leisure

Sure, you’ll be out there camping and combing the countryside, but when all is said and done, you will deserve a cozy bed and some delicious grub. Top it all off with a dip in our indoor/outdoor pool, then get dressed up for a night on the down to talk turkey with other hunters. You could also just take a shower or bath, wash off the wild, and order room service.

The Tradition

From the first deer to a family’s wacky rituals, the hobby of hunting is filled with rich traditions that are handed down, generation to generation. No matter where you stand on the sport of hunting, it is indeed ingrained in American heritage, sometimes a rite of passage within certain sub-cultures. We encourage you to keep the tradition alive in a safe and ecologically friendly manner.

The Freedom

This is what freedom truly feels like. Besides great memories, nothing beats being in the great outdoors, living by the break of the wind and the opportunity to pursue animals in their natural habitat. Be sure to apply for a Wyoming hunting license. There is no limit to the number of licenses sold during any calendar year. From beginners to pros, these adventures will make you realize what is important in life: Freedom and fun.